1 May ‘19


10 Digital Marketing Tips You Need to Try

1 May ‘19

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To make money, you have to spend money and get your company out there. The right strategies can put your company on the map to bring in new customers.

That’s why the country’s digital marketing spend is expected to increase to $103.37 billion in 2019. However, boosting your marketing budget isn’t going to boost sales without the right strategies. 

Don’t blow your budget with ineffective marketing methods! Instead, check out these hot 10 digital marketing tips and give your business a definite boost!

1. Step It Up With SEO

A lot of online marketing tips will direct you straight towards search engine optimization (SEO). However, optimizing your website and content is only a first step.

SEO is supposed to make sure interested buyers find your product or service on search engines like Google. If you’re not at the top of the page, however, you’re not likely to get those website visits.

The first five results in a search receive 67.6% of the clicks. Anything below, however, only receives 3.73%. Where you rank is a big deal.

For an SEO strategy that actually works, prioritize unique content that engages your customers. If you have a ton of old blog posts, repurpose that content and excel the second time around. 

Also, double check your keyword placement. It should appear in the page title, URL, first paragraph, and a header. 

SEO is all about delivering the right content for your audience. If you give your target customers informative, valuable content, Google will consider your website valuable too.

2. Gotta Get Local

Tacked right onto your SEO strategy, local SEO can help you reach customers in your area. To start, update your Google My Business listing.

Since that listing shows in the top right corner of a Google search, you can use this prominent space to advertise your business.

Then, use the same contact information to update other online business listings. That way, the information is consistent. This will help boost your organic SEO.

Another way to raise local love is to post customer reviews. More on that below!

3. Pounce on PPC

If you’re looking for new digital marketing ideas, try pay-per-click (PPC). It’s exactly like it sounds: You only pay when someone clicks on your ads.

These ads appear at the top of search pages. You can use audience demographics, topics, or keywords to decide when these ads display. 

With PPC, you get a lot more control than SEO. The two strategies combined, however, make for a digital marketing force to be reckoned with.

As a result, you can double up your opportunities to reach new customers!

4. Socialize on Social

Extend your reach even further with social media. Engage customers with fun content, ask for opinions on new services, and start talking!

Social media also helps boost your SEO. Post links to blog content or other pages to lead customers to your website.

As your website visits increase, your SEO rankings will as well. 

As an added bonus, you can also extend your reach beyond your own followers. When they share your posts with their audience, it’s a new opportunity to find new customers!

5. You’ve Got Mail!

We might hear that sound less often now, but email marketing is still going strong!

Use personalized emails to make customers feel special and loved. You can even remind them of abandoned cart items or upcoming sales. 

With a strong, engaging email campaign, you can remind subscribers your company is there.

That way, they know you’re ready to help when they need it. 

6. Catapult Your Content

Don’t stick to the content marketing basics. Get a taste for something besides blogs and social media to expand your horizons!

Right now, more companies are focusing on video content. This is a great way to bring personality and voice to your company. Video content can bolster your SEO strategy, too.

If your old blog posts feel a little dry, try turning them into infographics. Imagery can grab the reader’s attention and keep them on the page.

As a result, you’re giving customers unique, informative content and boosting your SEO at the same time!

7. Rise with Reviews

As promised, these tips for marketers include a shout out to reviews.

With online reviews, you can get a helping hand from already happy customers. Reviews boost your local SEO while giving your company credibility.

Plus, it helps build brand loyalty and trust. That way, you can keep customers while bringing new ones in!

8. Upgrade Your Web

To make the rest of these digital marketing strategies really effective, you need to give your website some attention, too. 

A strong, high-speed website will raise your SEO. It will also show customers you’re relevant and staying ahead of competitors.

PPC campaigns rely on strong websites too. Remember, Google decides ranking factors for organic and paid placement. Since Google is prioritizing mobile-friendly websites, you should as well.

For a little extra help, here are the top 10 website trends of 2019. 

9. Go Auto

The best marketing tips are meant to make your life a lot easier. With automated marketing, you get just that!

With automation, you can cut back on repetitive tasks and save time. Since time is money, this can also save wasted marketing dollars by cutting back mistakes.

Schedule out your social media posts and let a drip campaign respond to new form submissions. That way, you have more time for the areas of your marketing strategy that need a little extra attention. 

10. Build Your Brand

With all of these digital marketing ideas, one thing should stay consistent: your brand.

Your brand will help customers identify you on the spot. Develop a strong, stand out brand that catches the eye and speaks for your company.

The brand isn’t just visual. It also communicates the company mission and puts a voice to your content.

With brand consistency, you can build trust and make it easier for customers to recognize you every time.

Step up Your Game with These 10 Digital Marketing Tips

With these 10 digital marketing tips, you can step up your marketing game and attract new customers!

For even more tips on marketing, check out these recent posts on our blog!

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