6 Jan ‘20


10 Most Impressive Benefits of Marketing Automation

6 Jan ‘20

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Nearly 80% of new leads never translate into sales, so what do you do?

Do you keep marketing and happily take the 20% of people that convert? Or maybe you want to find a way to reach the 80% of people and bring some of them over to the sales side of things?

Learn the benefits of marketing automation, and you’ll begin to see that you are missing out on hundreds and even thousands of sales depending on the size of your business.

Continue reading this article, and we will go over the benefits of marketing automation and how to use it to win more sales for your business.

1. Decreases Human Error

When you’re doing boring tasks over and over again, it is easy to make an error. Even a minor error can cause big problems when you’re creating promotions and sales emails.

Marketing automation allows people to do less repetitive work, so they don’t have the opportunity to make as many errors as they would have otherwise. And if you do make an error, you’re able to go back into a single email easily, edit it and then that mistake is fixed from there on out.

2. Increases Productivity

We are always trying to be more productive and trying to get things done. When we are constantly doing things over and over again that don’t take creativity or much thought, we are losing valuable time.

With marketing automation, your business is able to do more without having to hire more people to do boring tasks. When you use marketing automation, you free your team up to do the things that are really worth the time and attention.

3. Lowers Marketing Costs

Marketing automation can help your company save money in more than one way, but one of the biggest ways is by reducing the number of essential personnel.

Before marketing automation, you might have needed a person to take care of each part of your marketing from social media, email marketing to pay per click.

When your team understands marketing automation and how to implement it properly, you may find that you need very few or even one person to take care of your marketing.

4. Improves Customer Experience

While you might have already taken care of your website and made sure it looks great to give users a good user experience, marketing automation is yet another step.

One of the ways marketing automation gives users a better experience is through its ability to send emails that target certain behaviors. It’s almost as if it can read the customer’s mind and help them get to the content and offers that they want.

If you were doing everything manually, there is no way you could keep up with the number of people and the different actions that they take.

5. Increases the Ability to Scale the Campaign

When you don’t have to create and send email manually, your campaign is going to be able to scale. If you didn’t have marketing automation in place, you wouldn’t be able to reach near as many people with your message.

With marketing automation, you can build out email series that speak to customers that are in each part of the buying cycle to work on the conversion.

6. Helps With Recovering Lost Revenue

How many times have you abandoned a cart when you were thinking about buying because you were going to come back later? Many of us have seen something we wanted to buy, but we didn’t have the time to enter our information, so we had every intention of coming back, but we forgot.

With marketing automation, you can send emails to remind potential customers to come back and take a look at their abandoned cart.

7. Decreases Time to Convert a Lead

Lead conversion time is the time from when a customer considers your product to when they actually make the purchase.

Marketing automation helps cut down on time it takes to convert leads. The reason your lead conversion time is shorter when you use marketing automation is that it allows you to continue to follow up consistently and show that you care about getting the sale.

8. Better Customer Retention

If you can keep customers while you’re getting new customers, that is the way your business is going to see serious growth.

Marketing automation allows you to stay in touch with your customers and show them you care about their business. When customers email you and you have it set up that they get an email that lets them know you’ll respond, this grows the relationship and makes it less likely that they will stop doing business with you.

9. Easier to Cross-Sell and Upsell

Selling to your customers more than once allows you to make more money without having to spend more money on marketing.

Marketing automation allows you to let people know about other products and services you have available. If they’ve bought from you once, they are likely to buy from you again.

10. Easier to Track and Analyze What’s Working & Not

With marketing automation systems, you’ll be able to easily look at marketing reports to see what is working and what isn’t working.

It’s very easy to pivot your strategy when you have marketing automation set up and can see in-depth information about your campaigns.

The Benefits of Marketing Automation Are Massive

Now that you know more about the benefits of marketing automation, it’s obvious that it’s a must for your company.

Not focusing on marketing automation strategies to grow your business is costing you big money. If you’re feeling overwhelmed and you need help getting started and managing the process, we can help.

Contact us today to tell us about your project, so we can help you start getting the results you need today.


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