3 Feb ‘20


5 Creative”About Me” Page Ideas

3 Feb ‘20

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Did you know the “About Me” page is one of the most important pages on your website?

Yes, you read that right. The “About Me” page is popular and plays an important role in your site.

This page is the place where you show your readers who you are. Share your experience in your field with the reader. But most importantly, it’s where your readers can learn about what you have to offer them.

At this point, creating a stellar “About Me” page may sound daunting. Fortunately, there are many creative “About Me” page ideas you can add that’ll make your website stand out.

With these creative page ideas, writing about yourself doesn’t have to be so hard. Learn how you can turn your “About Me” page from drab to dazzling. Check out these 5 creative “About Me” page ideas.

The Importance of the “About Me” Page

Whether you’re a blogger, small business owner, or someone looking for information on the web, the “About Me” page is a vital page on every website.

It’s surprising, right?

The “About Me” page is one of the first places site visitors go on any captivating website. It’s where they learn what your website is about, such as the products and services you offer. It’s the place where you share your knowledge in your field and what you have to offer site visitors.

You want your “About Me” page to resonate with the right audience. Adding what you have to offer, testimonials, and social proof to your page will inspire your target audience to check out more pages on your site.

Are you ready to promote your brand and show off your expertise in your field?

These 5 creative “About Me” page ideas dive into the most important aspects of a quality page.

1. The Value You Give Your Readers

While some site visitors may not mind reading your life story, most will find it unnecessary. The most important part of an “About Me” page is what value you have to offer your readers.

That’s not to say they don’t want to learn about you, because they do. Just not your entire life story.

Before you start writing the “About Me” page, think about what you have to give you readers. Start with a list of what makes your blog, product, or services useful. Then decide who your products and services are for.

You’ll establish your target audience, which will help both you and your readers know who your website is for. Which leads us to the next topic…

2. Who Your Site Is For

It’s tempting to write to a large audience. You may not like the idea of making others feel left out. Or you don’t want to miss the opportunity to grow your audience.

But you can’t write for everyone. Even if you can, that doesn’t mean you should.

Why? Because your products, services, and blog aren’t for everyone.

Add a snippet about who your site and services are for. Adding this part at the very beginning of your “About Me” page will save viewers time wondering who your target audience is.

3. About Your Site and You

After establishing who you’re writing for, you may feel ready to write about yourself. But not so fast! We’ll get there in just a second.

Your readers have more interest in what your site is about and what it has to offer. With that answered, they’re more likely to become a customer.


  • Why they should check out your blog or services
  • What your site and services are about
  • What readers will learn or get from your blog or services
  • Credibility
  • How you started your site

Make this part personable and informative.

With that ready to go, you can start writing about yourself. Start your personal bio with how your life relates to your work and business. This can include inspiration for starting your business and how it fits into your life.

After that, then you can add a few random facts about yourself. This can include your hobbies, where you live, and any unique information that makes you, you. Make it humble and personable so your readers can relate to what they’re reading.

Best advice: don’t fill your entire “About Me” page only with this kind of content.

4. Keep the Design Simple

Have you heard about minimalist design and user experience? You don’t have to be a design professional to make your “About Me” page easy to find and read.

Too many images and unnecessary text is distracting. You want your “About” page to help your readers to focus on what you and your business is about, not everything else. Too many distractions or unnecessary design elements can overwhelm site visitors and scare them away.

These 5 “About Me” page ideas focus on the main essentials you need in an outstanding “About” page. In addition, you should add a picture of yourself or your business.

To make your “About” page more dynamic, you can add a navigation bar to help users jump to the sections they want to read. This is a great way to organize content about a larger business or one that offers many different services and products.

5. Don’t Forget a Call to Action

This is probably one of the most forgotten items on an About page. When your readers finish reading about you and your business, what do you want them to do next?

Obviously, you want to keep them on your site, right? So add a call to action! A CTA is a way to keep your readers aware of your site rather than forgetting about it after they read it.

CTAs include signing up for a newsletter, following you on social media, and contacting you about your products or services. Sprinkle them throughout your “About Me” page to give readers of all types the opportunity to follow a CTA.

Use These “About Me” Page Ideas

With these 5 creative “About Me” page ideas, you’re sure to create your best “About” page yet. You’ll find the right audience, engage your readers, and convince a few to stick with you for the long haul.

Want to learn more ways to boost your design and marketing efforts? Let’s get in touch to start strategizing your next project.


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