18 May ‘18


6 Custom eLearning Trends in 2018

18 May ‘18

In: Custom eLearning Solutions, Inspiration, / By: Chris Simental

An abundance of pre-designed templates and even complete off-the shelf eLearning courses are available in the world today, each promising to speed up courseware creation and time to market. Rapid eLearning authoring tools such as Adobe Captivate and Articulate Storyline have several built-in templates that can be used to create somewhat tailor-made courses. As a custom eLearning solutions provider, we’ve explored many of these options and, in cases where budgets and timelines are tight, they can be a great fit.

Most often, though, one significant drawback of these off-the-shelf offerings is that they’re just not very engaging, the training doesn’t “stick,” and they leave learners feeling like they could have been doing something better with their time. That is precisely where custom eLearning development can help. Whether it is new product training, sales skills training, or onboarding new hires, custom eLearning is a great option for delivering transformational learning experiences. Let’s take a look at some of the hot trends in custom eLearning that should be considered for any training initiative.

1. Gamified eLearning

Gamification and game-based learning continue to be popular topics. But, finding an off-the-shelf gamified course that caters to the training needs of an organization is not easy. Here’s where custom eLearning development makes a difference. Through custom eLearning, it is possible to design gamified eLearning that can engage and motivate learners to complete (and enjoy) their training programs.

2. Microlearning

A great way to improve learning retention and reinforce training is to break the training content into bite-sized modules. Any eLearning development strategy can benefit from including microlearning, especially for younger audiences. Microlearning refers to breaking up content into relatively small learning units. It involves short-term-focused strategies especially designed for skill based learning and education. Typically each learning unit focuses on a single learning objective. When learning is spaced out, as in the case of microlearning, it can create a more “sticky” learning experience.

3. Mobile Learning

When employees require performance support, just-in-time training is very attractive proposition. This is done through mobile learning solutions that play an integral part in custom eLearning development. Many organizations strive for a continuous learning culture, and mobile learning has become a must-follow training strategy, especially with the Millennial and the Gen Z workforce.

4. Online Learning Libraries

The goal of any eLearning initiative is to enrich the learning experience for learners. In some cases, such when many training offerings are available, learners find it hard to assess all of what’s available to them. One option to combat this is to create an online learning library that hosts a collection of curated courses. For example, if learners want to search for all the relevant courses that are part of sales training, they can quickly access the online learning library to explore the entire curricula of courses on the relevant subject. Creating a repository of custom eLearning courses is trend that will continue to gain popularity.

5. Video-Based Learning

Video-based learning continues to trend because there is nothing quite like a video to help teach complex subjects. What’s more, video appeals to learners of all ages. That’s one of the primary reasons video in custom eLearning continues to trend. Want to show how a machine used in your manufacturing process works?  Want to walk learners through a software program that they need to learn how to use? Simply opt for a video-based course that makes life easy for the training department as well as learners.

6. Personalized Learning

Personalized learning has been one of the most talked about strategies last recently and it continues to remain in focus this year. Personalized learning takes the power of custom eLearning a notch further. Imagine the power of a customized eLearning course where content and style of training are modified according to the learner’s preferred learning style. The learning space can look forward to seeing more personalized learning options this year.


The future of eLearning looks bright, and custom eLearning development will only make it better for training managers who want to create impactful training at their organization. Following these trends will help make online learning an engaging and effective experience for learners.

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