15 Jun ‘20


7 Benefits of Marketing with Social Media for Startups

15 Jun ‘20

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It’s no secret; social media has changed how we market ourselves to customers. 

Social media is a resource that allows you to communicate with customers like never before, and build long-lasting customer return. If you are in a startup company, you may be trying to find your brand and voice in a sea of others. 

By using social media as a marketing tool, you can develop straightforward marketing campaigns that impact your business positively. When it comes to options for increasing your customer base online, social media can help you. 

Here are the seven benefits of marketing with social media for startups. 

1. Create Brand Awareness

With social media tools like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, you can create various brand profiles across different platforms that allow for brand recognition and awareness. If you are in a startup that needs to get its feet off the ground, this is a great tool to build an online following. 

Instagram, for example, is accessible across all ages, genders, and geolocations. With Instagram, you can curate what you post and make your profile a true reflection of your brand. Additionally, with Instagram business tools, you can see what posts are getting the most reach, your follower trends, and what impact you are making on other user’s radars. 

Additionally, if you want to shift to a more professional demographic, LinkedIn is an excellent option as it allows you to connect with fellow professionals in your area. With LinkedIn, you can create posts and share content that is more business-driven. 

Using various social media platforms will allow you to create brand awareness across a multitude of demographics. This way, you have a diversified audience that can then turn into a diverse customer base. 

2. Business Tools to Target Your Audience

As aforementioned, most social media platforms have business tools that allow you to see your impact and statistics regarding your reach. You can use this to your startups’ advantage. Depending on what your company’s goals are, you can run focussed and targeted advertising campaigns on social media that directly goes to your target consumer base. 

This way, you know that you are not wasting money on demographics that do not show interest. Though those demographics can also convert when you are starting, you want to run marketing that is focussed on your niche. 

3. Marketing With Social Media Allows You to Stay on Top of Trends

The worst thing for your startup is to come across as behind the curve. 

When you market with social media, you can see industry shifts and trends in real-time. This allows you to shift your campaigns, branding, or other digital endeavors if need be.

Social media is ever-changing, and the trends change depending on the day. If you want your brand to stay relevant, it is imperative to be adaptable and know what the latest and greatest is. 

For example, if your brand uses Twitter, you can see day by day what is newsworthy or being talked about. If applicable, you can add your voice to the conversation. This will make your brand appear in the know and aware. 

4. Social Media Makes Brands Look Less Stuffy 

Since 49% of the world’s population uses some sort of social media, it has created a sense of community. With the world continually shifting towards a global interconnectedness, it is optimal if your brand contributes to that community. 

Social media, in a sense, humanizes your brand. Consumers want to have trust in what they are purchasing or contributing to, so by illustrating your brand’s values on social media, you can show potential customers the real-world, positive affect you are having on the world and other customers. 

Additionally, to the humanization of your brand, social media makes your brand look less stuffy. It creates a more casual environment for you to interact with your potential customers. This, in turn, establishes a more personal rapport between your brand and your customers. 

5. Have Better Customer Service

Have you ever experienced being on a customer service line for hours just trying to get a simple question answered? 

Well, with social media, you can let your customers have a positive experience with more effective customer service practices. Your brand can respond to a question, concern, or comment with ease and within minutes. This way, your customer feels valued, and this response could also answer multiple people’s similar question. 

6. SEO Enhancement

You want your startup to be easy to find and come up when consumers search for your competitors. 

If you use Google Analytics, then you are aware of how search engine optimization can help your startup thrive. However, marketing with social media can also help your business grow on the world wide web. 

Essentially, according to Search Engine Land, there is new evidence that shows that social media sharing and brand mentions can help improve your search results. 

If your brand is doing well with impact, and users are sharing your high-quality content, you are in an excellent place to show up more often in Google search results. This allows your brand to one-up the competition, and be able to get your foot in the door of various new markets. 

7. Social Media Simplifies Your Marketing 

One of the best benefits of marketing with social media is its simplicity. 

Of course, though there are a lot of technicalities that come with social media, the general marketing tools that are available are intuitive and are quickly learned.

You don’t need special software to see your audience grow; social media platforms build this into their application for you. This allows you to focus on content production, customer service, and building a strong brand.

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Marketing with social media is one of the best ways to get your startup’s content out in the world for consumers to see. 

With these seven benefits, you can see just how social media has changed the marketing landscape. Check out our blog for more information regarding social media marketing, SEO, and advertising. 

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