4 Jan ‘20


7 Online Marketing Trends to Pay Attention to in 2021

4 Jan ‘20

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What are the online marketing trends that will drive customers to your company in 2021?

Back in April 2020, we published an article on digital marketing trends that would gain momentum throughout the year. Our predictions were spot on.

Video and live streaming are more popular than ever. Voice search numbers increase each month. And content still remains king for SEO to increase inbound traffic.

We promise we don’t have a crystal ball! However, we’re ready to give you an insight into advertising trends for 2021 and beyond.

From rising above the first spot in Google to a bigger AI role, read on to discover future marketing strategies today.

1. SEO Position Zero

The goal of search engine optimization is to reach the number one spot on Google organic search, right?

What if there was a higher spot? One that didn’t cost money through PPC but appeared as a result of SEO. And one that users didn’t even need to click on to view.

Google’s featured snippets appear above the free listings and act as an answer to a question.

The search engine displays relevant information within the result box that helps to address the query. That means if a page on your site offers clear advice on a particular topic with lists and images, Google may choose to display it.

Although snippets have been around for a few years, expect them to appear more frequently throughout 2021.

2. PPC Automation Marketing Trends 2021

SEM advertising attempts to match user keywords with the right supply of ads. The best techniques ensure ads relate to the keywords the user searches while avoiding high click rates.

However, managing PPC may no longer require human interaction.

Expect to see a rise in search automation tools over the next year. Unlike previous efforts that gave poor results, today’s AI is now capable of delivering a great ROI.

Smart bidding systems can improve ad spending by automatically adjusting spend to match CPC rates. Instead of manually adjusting levels, this software ensures you pay the lowest price per click.

3. Visual Product Search

Have you used Google Lens or Amazon’s StyleSnap?

These apps let you photograph a product on your phone then display similar results to purchase. There’s no need to type keywords or describe what you see. The applications do everything for you.

StyleSnap works with outfits so users can see all related products like tops or jeans from just one photo.

Many sites are joining the visual search bandwagon like BooHoo, Forever 21, and Tommy Hilfiger. All have seen a tremendous rise in sales as a result.

This trend will continue into 2021 through the surge in Cloud computing technology and access to big data.

4. Live Webinars

Along with the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic came the surge in live video streaming. Zoom was barely a brand before 2020 and video conferencing was mostly done through Skype.

As much of the world shifted to work online, so too did the shift to live streaming. And as a result, webinars skyrocketed and that business trend will extend into 2021 and beyond.

Traditional book launches now use to engage and interact with audiences. Patreon offers a simple way to market and even sell services through a live webinar format.

Look at your industry and see how it’s adapting. Then make the best use of these online streaming tools in 2021 to market your business online.

5. Increased User Interaction

Business trends 2021 will focus on the classic cliche ‘working outside the box’. And one dominant trend is an increase in website user interaction.

Interaction on your website doesn’t mean filling in a boring form. Your visitors want to have fun while they browse so introduce games and quizzes to keep them coming back.

An interactive survey can also let them grab a bargain.

Offer a discount or coupon code for a successfully completed survey. Tie it with their social media account to be able to post your offers to their wall.

Remember to keep it fun and engaging.

A simple poll is easy to complete, for example. Or a contest that will help feed your social media marketing campaign by declaring the winners.

6. AI Content Marketing Trends 2021

Is it possible for computers to write logical and coherent website content that will boost SEO? seems to think so. Their content creation tool uses AI to automatically generate text from raw data.

The service also boasts bulk creation so you can upload a spreadsheet of topics and download finished results within seconds. They even claim to auto-generate social media posts with built-in taglines to match your site’s blog.

Time will tell if AI can replace the human mind and skill to create content that people will enjoy. Perhaps 2021 will see the rise of the robot writer!

7. Local Search

Advertising trends in 2021 will center on local search as more and more small businesses claim their listings on Google.

Google My Business enables business owners to list their company online for free.

Profiles include interactive contact details like a phone number and a text message service. They also display a map with travel directions. Companies can even add photos of their products, opening hours, and news items.

Listings appear within Google Search for local search phrases like ‘plumber near me’. Additionally, they show in some of Google’s apps like Google Maps.

Many businesses are still unaware that this service exists. That will change in 2021 as every marketing avenue gets taken advantage of.

Marketing Strategy 2021 Evolution With Ripe Media

Advertising trends 2021: what will the future bring?

We’ve highlighted 7 of the main marketing trends set to rise over the next year. From better engagement to video searching, the online world of marketing will continue to evolve. But is your business ready to evolve with it?

Ripe Media is a full-service design and marketing agency with our eyes firmly fixed on the future.

Our services include marketing campaign creation, social media strategies, copywriting, and SEO. We offer full audience research analysis with focus groups and surveys. From that, we see future trends before they occur.

Not only does Ripe Media help create and manage your marketing but we also develop and maintain your website and apps.

We would love to discuss the future evolution of your business so contact us today.

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