16 Nov ‘20


7 Reasons Why Your Business Should Consider Print Collateral

16 Nov ‘20

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A good marketing strategy can make all of the difference in the success of a small business. It’s the way you draw in new customers and also keep them coming back for more!

While the concept isn’t a new one, marketing has had some significant changes in the past few years. The strategies have adapted to focus more on digital to keep up with societal trends. 

But online isn’t the only way to reach your audience. 

Print isn’t dead in marketing and we’ve compiled a list of the top seven reasons you should be using print collateral for your business! 

1. Show Something Special 

In recent years businesses have moved more and more online, some are completely digital. This has meant a sharp decline in print marketing tactics. 

Businesses just don’t send out printed materials like they used to. Some might think is sad but can also be looked at as a major opportunity for other businesses. When you send out print collateral, it’s going to stand out. 

Where it used to be the norm and it’s unique and special now. So it shows customers that you’re putting in effort and care when reaching out to them. 

A piece of printed marketing will stand out to a customer and help them see the effort and care your business puts into communication. 

2. Branding Opportunity 

Building brand awareness is the most important goal of any marketing team. It’s the best way to ensure that potential customers learn who your brand is and what you’re about. The recognition helps to promote brand loyalty and more purchases. 

Utilizing print marketing is a great opportunity to promote your brand and help customers and potential customers learn more about who you are. 

There are especially true if you are selling a physical product. Adding printed materials to your products can help the customer make the connection between the brand and the product more fully. 

This might include an insert in their package or a thank you card for purchasing. 

3. Wide Range of Options 

What makes print collateral an even bigger brand opportunity is the wide range of options available to you. 

There are newsletters, mail-out ads, business cards, shopping bag inserts, and so much more. You can take what fits your brand the best and run with it to make a unique campaign suited specifically to your product. 

Even though it’s become less popular, the world of print is continually changing still. There are new options for designs and materials all the time. 

The key to good marketing is to think outside of the box and do your own thing. It’s easy to think outside of the box when working with printed materials because the options are almost endless. 

4. Simple Conversion

In the world of business today, it’s almost impossible to leave digital marketing completely for print marketing. Actually, we wouldn’t recommend that at all. 

There’s a place for both in any good marketing campaign strategy. And the great news is that a lot of the work that’s done for digital marketing tactics can be converted into print materials. 

Working with a professional designer can help you get the most out of both types of marketing. They’ll help you develop a look that suits both mediums and your brand. 

Take a look at your designer’s portfolio to see examples of their work in both areas to see what they translate from one to the other and if it was a smooth transition. 

5. Distributes Important Information

When a customer is checking out this type of marketing material, they’re a more captivated audience. Which means you have a slightly larger window to give more information through. 

It’s easier to build brand awareness when you can tell a more full story or give additional details about an event. 

Printing your marketing materials also limits the space that you have as well. This helps you to narrow down what you share to the most important and the very best of your brand and story. 

One of the main goals of marketing is to be the communication line between the company and the customer, print collateral is a great way to do that. 

6. More Views 

It’s easy to disregard a digital marketing tactic. Swipe away, wait 10 seconds, change tabs, or walk away while an ad is playing. But it’s not so easy to move away from printed marketing materials.

If the customer wants to get rid of a flyer, for example, they have to make the conscious decision of how they’ll do that and it takes physical action. 

This gives your material more time to be seen and, if it’s done correctly, the design can draw them in to actually read it. The physical nature of the print collateral can have a big influence on a customer. 

7. Make an Impact

Experts say that consumers make at least 35,000 choices each day, which is so overwhelming if you think about it. 

It’s overwhelming for the consumer and for you as a company that is competing to be one of those choices. All of your marketing tactics are geared towards making it easier for your customer to choose you. 

You’ve had success when they don’t think about if they’re going to buy your brand or not. 

Print materials help your customer to remember you when it’s time for them to make a choice. Physical materials help keep you in their brain and can be seen more than one time. 

The print materials don’t get lost in the sea of open tabs and don’t disappear after 24 hours. They stick around and make a strong impact. 

Consider Print Collateral for Your Business 

The goal of every marketing team is to make their business stand out among its competitors. They want their name easily recognized and their customers continually coming back for more. 

Print collateral is a great way to shake things up and make a lasting impression. The right products will keep your customers coming back time and time again. 

If you’re interested in seeing your print collateral options and working on some new designs, contact us today! 

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