29 Aug ‘20


7 SEO Tips to Build Your Business Web Presence

29 Aug ‘20

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With the recent movement of consumers going online, it is now more important than ever to build your business’s online presence. 

Merely having a website is not enough anymore, with so much competition flooding the markets. According to research from Moz, the first page of results when searching on google acquires at least 71 percent of traffic, and in some cases up to 92 percent!

If you are looking to increase the visibility of your business website on the web, utilizing search engine optimization practices can help significantly.

Keep reading the guide to learn the best SEO tips that will help your business flourish.

1. Build Value

The most important thing to keep in mind while creating content for your consumers is to produce value. Your consumers are there for a reason, and it is because they expect to receive some sort of value – whether that be in the form of products, advice, services, etc.

Google updates its algorithm often to help provide the most accurate search results for consumers. The most recent update was named “BERT” or Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers. BERT is designed to provide the most helpful results to a specific search query. 

What this means is – Google is looking for quality content, not just articles stuffed with keywords. The keywords are still relevant, but it is in how you use them.

2. Prioritize Performance

Website performance is vital nowadays and is also a significant contributing factor for your Google ranking. Consumers don’t want to have to wait for a website to load when they can get instant gratification somewhere else. 

According to research from Thinkwithgoogle, an increase in page load time from 1 second to 5 seconds can increase the probability of bouncing increases by 90 percent!

When it comes to website performance, an important thing to keep in mind is the number of HTTP requests you have. According to Yahoo Developer, 80 percent of web page load time is used downloading different components of the page, such as:

  • Flash
  • Images
  • Stylesheets
  • And scripts

It is recommended to have a simple, modern website design – this way, it will minimize many of the components that are slowing down your site’s performance.

3. Try Long-Tail Keywords

Keywords are still a vital part of search engine optimization. However, with Google’s new updates, it’s not as easy to simply find and plug-in keywords. 

Now, it is recommended to utilize long-tail keywords instead of just using targeted keywords. Long-tail keywords are more specified for certain searches.

For example, say you wanted to use the keyword “web design.” Trying to become the first result in Google with this keyword is nearly impossible, with so much competition fighting for the spot. Instead, a fat tail keyword could include “what is web design” or “best web design software.” 

Using long-tail keywords will significantly improve your chances of appearing on Google. 

4. Responsive Design

As more and more users are surfing the web from a mobile device, it is becoming increasingly necessary to have a “mobile-friendly” design. 

Taking it a step further, having a responsive design will optimize the website to be view correctly on any device. The site “responds” to the device it is being viewed on and adjusts accordingly. Having a responsive web design is vital and can be considered one of the best SEO optimization tips out there.

This past year alone, over 50 percent of web traffic was from mobile devices. The number of mobile users has steadily increased in the past few years and is expected to continue with this trend. 

Having a responsive design will contribute to your Google ranking, allowing you to become more visible. 

5. Analyze & Adapt

With any form of business, its a good idea to analyze how you are doing and adapt based on the information you find. 

Analyzing your website is critical to the long term success you will have. There is an abundance of resources to help you get started. Google Analytics is a top-rated resource many businesses use to discover key information such as:

  • Active users
  • Advertising reports
  • Site speed
  • User flow
  • Sales funnel reports

There is a lot of insights you can learn from the many reports that are generated from google analytics. You can then use these insights to improve your website, and ultimately your business. 

6. Differentiate Yourself From the Competition

One of the most critical SEO tips for small business is to differentiate yourself from the competition. It may seem obvious – but it is done all the time. 

Too many companies just copy what others are saying or changing the wording slightly to fit their narrative. The best piece of advice, if you are looking for blog SEO tips, is to generate valuable, original content. 

Generating original content will not only help you stand apart from the competition, but it can also make you a leader in the industry.

Having original content will also help your google ranking. Some marketers will try sneaky SEO tricks to boost their rankings, but ultimately this practice will hurt your ranking and could damage the business reputation. 

Be authentic, focus on your audience, and create exceptional content for the best results.

7. Nail the Landing Page

Think of a landing page sort of like a landing pad for a helicopter. If the landing pad is set up correctly, the helicopter can “stick” to the platform. The same is true with a website landing page, if it is set up correctly, visitors should be able to “stick” to it and decrease the bounce rate.

An effective landing page consists of:

  • A responsive design
  • A headline
  • A description of the product
  • A well crafted CTA 
  • A high-quality image
  • An information request

Using customer testimonies is an excellent way to build trust with the consumer. It has been reported that 84 percent of consumers trust online reviews, even as much as their friend’s opinions. 

Looking for Additional SEO Tips?

Boosting your website’s visibility doesn’t have to be a hard process. Following these seven SEO optimization tips will help your business generate leads and improve your google ranking.

If you are looking for additional SEO tips and tricks, contact us today, and we can help answer your questions.

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