8 Jun ‘20


7 Tips on Successful Mobile Marketing for Small Businesses

8 Jun ‘20

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successful mobile marketing

In the last decade, mobile traffic has increased by 222 percent and this number is only set to increase more as 5G is rolled out globally. More than 52 percent of all website traffic happens on a mobile device. 

If you’re still ignoring the importance of mobile marketing then you’re losing out on countless customers. And you’re also likely losing customers to your competitors who are focusing on building a successful mobile marketing strategy. 

Don’t fall behind the competition. Up-level your marketing by focusing on these seven tips for improving your next campaign by focusing on mobile users. 

How Is Successful Mobile Marketing Different?

Mobile marketing is different in that spending habits are different for many mobile users. As a marketer focusing on mobile users, you are competing against many other distractions. 

You can also focus much more specifically on geographic locations thanks to tracking and geo-sensitive information. So, regardless, of where your customer is when they ask Google for a Thai restaurant near them their phone is able to tell them the three closest to their current location even if it’s three states away from where they live.

This opens up many opportunities for mobile marketers. Here are seven tips for how you can make mobile marketing work for you and your small business. 

Tip 1. Mine the Data

As a mobile marketer, data is the top tool in your arsenal. You can personalize the buyer’s journey in a way that previous generations of Mad Men-era marketers could have never dreamed about. 

Sending quick surveys and asking for feedback from your users and buyers is incredibly easy on mobile. A quick text with a simple reply can give you amazing data to use for future campaigns.

Tip 2. Keep Current

When it comes to mobile users, timeliness is everything. You must stay current in your content marketing, social media marketing, and email marketing to remain relevant for your customers. 

Additionally, any ad-spend for your product or service must be relevant to the intent of your customers’ search. 

And with voice search, many searches are becoming longer, more specific, and in the form of a question. For our Thai restaurant example above, a simple “Thai restaurant near me” search might then evolve into a search for reviews and then a search for an exact location.

Tip 3. Communicating With Customers

When you pay attention to the data available to you and combine that with listening to your customers, you will be able to provide them with an amazing user experience that will set you apart from your competition. 

Your customers expect a personalized experience thanks to other platforms such as Netflix and Amazon that have perfected the art of suggesting what their users might be interested in. You can provide a similar experience to 

Tip 4. Continually Optimize

From your regular blog posts to your daily Instagram stories you must continually optimize your best practices. Marketing has always demanded quick changes within an agile environment, and this has never been more true than for mobile marketers. 

You can’t choose the same ten hashtags and leave them forever in all your posts. Mobile users change constantly, you must remain on the ball and adapt along with the ever-changing user interface with each platform.

Tip 5. Video Killed the Radio Star

Video is the king of content these days and if you’re not keeping up with creating video content then you’re falling behind. And as we mentioned earlier you must continually stay relevant if you want to be competitive in the mobile digital marketing era.

From your Instagram and Facebook lives to your YouTube channel your business needs to be creating video content that can be consumed on mobile devices. 

Tip 6. Uplevel With QR Codes

From your next big event to sending coupons via SMS texting, QR codes can help you uplevel your mobile marketing. Don’t try to get attendees at your next event to remember a long website.

Instead, have them scan a QR code so you can send them all the information you need in a quick scan. Most newer model phones have incorporated scanning QR codes with their camera. Third-party apps are no longer needed and using QR codes has never been easier. 

Tip 7. Mobile-Friendly Isn’t Optional

We hesitated in adding this tip considering if you’re focused on mobile marketing you already know this. But it’s important to remember how different the user experience is on a phone instead of a laptop. And you must account for that in your marketing.

Are your email subject lines short and sweet? Nearly 62 percent of emails are opened on a mobile device. And your subject lines are getting cut off. So ensure higher open rates by making your compelling offer at the beginning.

Likewise, your website can’t just be a shrunken version of your regular website. It must be mobile-friendly including fewer necessary clicks and larger call-to-action buttons. 

Mobile users are also much more succinct visitors. Be aware of how people use their phones, it’s usually while they’re waiting to pick up their prescription or at their kid’s soccer practice. You’re competing with many distractions and you don’t have any time to waste in terms of how long you have their attention. 

A slow-loading website is a sure sign of lower conversion and higher bounce rates. Ensuring faster loading speeds can help your conversion rates and your SEO rankings. 

Up-Level Your Business With Mobile Marketing

These seven tips will help you up-level your digital marketing strategy. Mobile marketing isn’t int he future, it is here now and it’s here to stay. You need to stay current and in front of your customers while they’re on their phones so you can beat out your competition. 

If you have more questions about how to create your successful mobile marketing strategy, contact us today. We love to talk about digital marketing. We pride ourselves in meeting you where you are currently in your marketing strategy and then helping you to take it to the next level. 

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