25 Nov ‘19


Better than #1: How to Get Into Google’s Featured Snippets

25 Nov ‘19

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how to get into google

“Just Google it”. The search platform has been so ingrained into our daily lives that it has the power to make or break a business depending on their ranking.

So, how to get into google featured snippet? Simple – by making sure that you write up valuable content for your website. Here is the thing; any company can get this spot.

It is not easy to get there, but if you want to get there and stay there you have to ensure that you produce quality content. Quality content does not only lie in how you write your article, but you also have to mind how you format your work.

Google has its own mind. One day you are on top of the page and the next day you are not. It is not about how much money you spend on your website – if your content is snippet worthy, google will recognize it.

How to Get into Google’s Featured Snippet

A featured snippet is one of the best ways to get people to visit your website. Getting ranked on Google’s featured snippets doesn’t have a specific way around it. Even so, there are several tricks that you can use so you can be able to get a spot up there.

Understand How to Answer Questions

What kinds of questions is your audience asking? Snippets answer readers’ questions without them having to click the link. You have to be selective about the words that you use to answer the question.

When someone types in a question, Google uses its algorithms to find the best answer. The answer is then placed on the snippet so it can be more visible to the reader. If you want to get your content on the snippet it has to address a certain problem and give solutions.

Answer the Relevant Questions

Figure out the common search phrases and the questions that people are asking. You can use an online tool like SEMrush to figure out what kind of questions people are asking. Carry out an organic search.

It will help you figure out the keywords your competitors are using. The keywords that they are using can be one of the reasons why they have an advantage over you.

Why should you find out which common words your competitors are using? Finding out can help you understand how you are going to phrase your words.

There are plenty of other online tools that are like SEMrush. They will help you to look for the snippets that your competitors are using. Finding out what your competition is doing will give you an edge.

Keyword Research is Key

There are a lot of online tools that will help you look out for keywords. First of all, you want to make sure that your content is ranking high on Google. Finding out which keywords are ranking high on google will help you create better titles.

You can write the most engaging articles, but if you do not use the relevant keywords you will not be visible. Keywords are important if you want to have a high chance of appearing on the google snippet.

Find keywords that rank high using online research tools such as Wordtracker. They will help you figure out the kind of questions that you should be answering.

How to Get into Google Snippet by Answering Several Questions 

It’s true! Google algorithms prove that answering more than one question in an article is good for you. It does not mean that you should write about two topics that are completely different.

How can you do it? When you are giving step by step instructions of how to fix your car engine, you can also mention the benefits.

Mind Your Word Count 

Paragraph your work. Make sure that you have short paragraphs and sentences. As you partition your work make sure that each section has around 50 words or less.

It is up to you how many words you want to use, but the most preferred word count would be around 50 words per each section. Arrange your points close together so they can appear organized.

Go straight to the point when you are answering the questions. If you want to stay within the word count, avoid giving unnecessary details. Stay focused and avoid going off-topic.

Add Pictures to Your Content

Pictures will give you a higher chance of being visible. A lot of people love reading content that has pictures. The photos in a blog post help to break down the content and thus making it fun and easy to read.

You can choose to use your own images or to use images from other web pages. Images will help in boosting your engagement level. They will help higher your chances of getting your blog post on google’s snippet.

Making the Most Out of Your Ranking

‘How to get into Google snippet’ should no longer be a tough question for you. We have given you some tips that will help you out with that. It is important to note that there is no sure way of getting a snippet on google.

Yet, SEO and optimizing your content will give you an advantage.

Even though there is no sure way of getting your article featured, it is not impossible. You have to make sure that you not only write engaging posts, you should also give people answers.

There are a lot of tools available online to help you with keyword research, and SEO. However, nothing beats the help of a professional.

If you’re ready to take your content to the next level, contact us today for more information on how we can help.


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