21 Oct ‘19


How to Create Engaging Social Media Posts for Your Company

21 Oct ‘19

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Last year, roughly 243.6 million Americans used social media, which makes it one of the widest-reaching platforms for promoting your brand. 90% of people working in marketing claim that social media posts have a direct impact on a company’s revenue, and for good reason.

But the flip side of the boom in social media usage is that there is now more content out there than ever before. It’s all too easy for social media posts to get lost.

Without engaging social media posts, you won’t reap the rewards of digital marketing. Want to know how to create engaging content that will catch your audience’s attention? Well, you’re in the right place!

Read on to find out everything you need to know about creating engaging social media posts.

Why Are Engaging Social Media Posts so Important?

Most companies have a social media strategy in their marketing plan. This involves churning out content regularly across multiple social media platforms.

Creating this content gives people who visit their social media pages something new to look at. And new posts help to bring in new followers. But not all social media content engages its audience.

We’re all familiar with posts that pop up on your social media timelines that we scroll on past. Scrolling past a post means that you don’t engage with it, so it doesn’t reach its audience. It doesn’t promote your company or brand to potential users and therefore fails in its purpose.

When a user engages with a post, this puts your brand on their radar. Liking, sharing, or commenting on a post are all forms of engagement. This means that your content will appear on other people’s timelines and this spreads awareness of your brand.

The more click-throughs you get on a post, the more your content will be promoted. But people only click on content if it interests them. So let’s take a look at how to create content that will reel people in.

Make It Personal

Social media advertising is everywhere – in people’s phones, on their laptops, even at their work computers. And this constant exposure to it has desensitized a lot of people to its effects.

Making a social media post feel personal is the best way to grab people’s attention when they’re scrolling. This might seem difficult when you consider just how many people will see your marketing on a daily basis. But there are some tactics you can employ to reach out to people.

Addressing your audience directly is a great way to do this. People are used to seeing generic posts, so anything using the words “you” or “yours” will grab their attention.

Using rhetorical questions in your social media posts also engages your audience. Once you’ve hooked their attention, they’re more likely to click through onto any content.

React to Engagement

Reacting to any social media engagement is another great way to personalize your content. This will make people feel like there’s a real person behind your content.

Make sure you stay on top of any tags and comments. Posting a response to them will make your existing audience feel heard. In turn, this will encourage others to engage with your social media profiles.

Humorous responses to Twitter or Facebook tags can also have a knock-on effect when it comes to marketing. Take a look at Wendy’s social media accounts and you’ll see that people have shared the marketing team’s funny responses. Some have even been made into memes, all of which continue to promote the company’s brand.

You can further encourage people to get in touch using social media by incorporating it into your website.

Stay Up-to-Date

Where appropriate, use your social media platforms to respond to current events.

If something is trending on social media, consider whether or not you can engage with it in some way. After all, this shows you what people are most interested in at the moment. So posting about it is sure to attract attention.

And this doesn’t just apply to current events. Seasonal posts are another way to keep your content up-to-date and boost social media engagement.

Decide Your Brand and Stick to It

All of your social media posts should reflect your brand. This means that your posts need to be cohesive.

If you’re going for a quirky social media presence, make sure all your posts reflect this. Or if you want to create an informative tone, stick with this.

Make sure that this matches with your company’s overall brand. Let’s say you run a medical company. In this case, a professional and informative tone will probably suit your audience better than a humorous one.

Creating continuity across your posts will mean that people will know what to expect from them and come back to them. It will also make it feel like just one person is writing the posts. And this will make them feel more personal for your audience.

Use Different Media

A picture paints a thousand words, so use this to your advantage. Images and video marketing are essential tools for every social media account.

Not everyone will stop to read the text under a social media post. But an eye-catching picture or video can stop someone’s scrolling spree in its tracks. Or find the middle ground and utilize a well-thought-out GIF!

If you’re posting a video, use subtitles to make it accessible for your whole audience. This can also help to engage people in the video’s content before they click on it. And, in the interests of accessibility, you should also include image descriptions for any pictures that you post.

The Bottom Line

Creating engaging social media posts will ensure that your marketing has maximum effect. And using these tips, you’ll be able to create content that your audience will actually engage with!

Keep your company’s marketing up-to-date by checking out this year’s digital marketing trends!

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