15 Nov ‘18


How Much Does It Cost to Make an App by Yourself?

15 Nov ‘18

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how much does it cost to make an app by yourself

So you want to make an app. How much does it cost to make an app by yourself?

It’s predicted that five million apps will be available on the App Store by 2020. There are also countless other apps from other sources, including a few that have been built by a single individual.

However, when you learn about those app-building success stories, it can be all too easy to forget about the high price of mistakes.

The cost of making an app by yourself may be far higher than you thought. Keep reading to learn why app-building alone isn’t the best idea, and what your alternatives are!

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What Is an App?

An app is a program or software that works with a web browser or can be used offline. Apps are used on phones, computers, and tablets, as well as other devices like smart TVs. They can be designed for mobile, desktop, or web.

“App” is short for “application.” These apps can be used for all kinds of different purposes. App designers are always trying to come up with a new app that will get everyone paying attention.

How Much Does It Cost to Make an App By Yourself?

The cost of building an app generally depends on the type of app. The complexity and features will affect the price, as well as the platform you use.

The most simple apps tend to start at around $25,000 to build. However, more complicated apps often cost well over six figures, and sometimes even seven.

Marketing, testing, updates, and other factors also add more to the cost.

The biggest app companies tend to have the most money to pour into app development. But when building an app by yourself, you’re going to spend more, not less.

Part of that is because you don’t have the same kinds of resources available to you. Large companies can build an app at a lower cost because they can work with existing teams and use existing processes. When you have to start from scratch and outsource a lot of the work, it ends up costing more.

Another reason building an app by yourself costs more is due to fixing mistakes. It’s impossible for a single person to have the same level of experience as a massive company.

You also won’t be able to put as much money toward research and testing. This means your app may come out with serious problems that need to be fixed later, making the whole project cost much more.

How to Save Money When Building an App

By now, you can probably see how it’s not wise to try to build an app all by yourself. Instead, you should work with an experienced company, so you can save money in the process while getting a better end result.

What should you consider to cut down on costs while building your app? Keep these things in mind, and you’re much more likely to have success in the end.

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1. Research the Competition

Although you can’t build the app all alone, one thing you can do is research the competition.

Figure out the other companies that have apps in your niche, and download their apps. See what they’re all about, and look for issues that your app can improve on.

Of course, if you find an app that’s exactly the same as your idea, you’ll need to find a way to set yours apart. No one needs two identical apps from different companies.

However, different apps can exist to solve the same problems. They just need to have different approaches.

2. Choose Your Platform

As mentioned above, the platform you choose will affect the cost of building the app. The earlier you choose a platform, the better.

Which device are you building the app for? Is it a mobile, web, or desktop app?

If it’s mobile, what kinds of phones is it for? All of these questions will help you determine the platform to choose. Then, you can let your app development team know which platform you’ve decided on.

3. Understand Your Problem

The app needs to exist to solve a specific problem. If there’s no problem being solved, no one’s going to download it.

Do you know what the problem is? If you can’t answer that question, you have some more thinking to do.

Having the problem in mind will help you avoid designing an app with too many features. Instead, you can keep it streamlined and focused on the important problem.

4. Build Efficiently

When it’s time to start building the app itself, efficiency is key. That’s why you should choose a company to work with, rather than building it on your own. Find ways to cut down on time and money, so you can focus on the important parts of app building instead.

Focusing on efficiency will also help you understand exactly how much money you need to get the project started. The sooner you have a number in mind, the sooner you can start getting the funds you need together. You don’t want to have expensive surprises down the road because you failed to plan ahead.

5. Know Your Minimum Viable Product

When you first release your app to the public, it will be in the form of a Minimum Viable Product. This MVP is used for testing purposes. It offers the app in its most basic, streamlined form, without all the bells and whistles you’ll add later.

You should know what your MVP is going to look like, so you can separate the important features from the unnecessary ones.

How to Choose the Right App Development Company

How much does it cost to make an app by yourself? More than you can afford. Don’t lose money on your project — instead, choose a great app development company to work with.

The right company for your needs depends on the app you’re planning to build. Wondering if Ripe Media is right for you? Check out our work here!

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