4 Mar ‘20


How to Use SEO to Grow Your Brand: A Brand Building Guide

4 Mar ‘20

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As a business, you pay heavy attention to both your online and offline marketing tactics in order to build your brand.

They’re both vitally important. But in an ever-growing digital world, online marketing techniques are becoming all the more essential to have in your repertoire.

That’s why search engine optimization plays such a key role in the way you present your website. It can maximize the time and effort that you put into building the opportunity for brand recall.

Here are several ways you can SEO for brand building and have an identity in the online space you previously thought to be impossible.

1. Keyword Phrases Are the “Key”

It’s not exactly breaking news for you to read how important keywords are to your overall search engine optimization endeavors.

For crip’s sake, they’re one of the main components that Google’s algorithm searches for in your content. They are essential, everyone knows this.

However, what most people don’t consider is the power of keyword phrases. As a marketer, you’re taught to keep things short and sweet, including the keywords that you use.

But the long keyword phrases will result in higher click rates for people using such phrases in their search. That can help your brand skyrocket up the rankings for organic search.

Continue using your primary keywords as you normally would through your SEO maintenance tactics, but include keyword phrases when and where possible.

2. Use the Data Available to You

Your brand should be personalized and different from all your competitors, and your unique touch is one of the best ways to achieve that.

However, there’s something to be said about using your marketing insights and data to adjust your brand accordingly.

For example, say your company is a flooring material supplier. Your website is filled with keywords such as “flooring options” and “wood panel flooring” because they’re relevant to your industry and your personal brand.

However, in using your marketing data, you find that users are also searching for “customer service” and “customer support” at an alarming rate.

From that, you make an executive decision to adjust your brand as a flooring material supplier with the best customer service in the entire industry. All thanks to the wonderful research that you found in your data.

The companies that build their brand around market information are the companies that see higher sales conversions, more brand recall, and build customer loyalty as well.

3. Engaging Online

Consider this, every time that your company engages with people online, you’re building your brand, as well as links in the process.

Companies use social media platforms such as Reddit and Quora to provide their online communities with educated information. Every time you provide answers, you’re placing yourself as an industry leader. The brand that has all of the answers.

You’d be surprised at the number of questions that need to be answered on a daily basis in your industry alone.

More importantly, everyone that sees and reads your answer becomes a member of your audience. They associate your brand as a company that helped them reach a solution.

You can also provide links to articles on your website to give them more information on a certain subject. In so doing, you’re increasing the number of site visitors in the process.

4. Use Your Page Titles Wisely

One factor of search engine optimization that often goes overlooked is the title of your site pages.

You need to place a priority on them considering it’s one of the first things that all search engines use to deem whether your site is worthy of climbing up their search results.

Always try to use a keyword in the page title. That shouldn’t be overly difficult considering your title should already include it. Make the page title a shorter version of your title, if need be… just don’t cut out the keyword(s)!

5. The Design of Your Website

Technically speaking, search engines like Google don’t care about how high-quality your logo is or what colors you use on your page.

However, it does care about the overall layout of your website design. It wants to make sure the sites it promotes are easy(ish) to navigate.

Put all of that aside for just a second to consider this: you can have the best content in the world, but if your site isn’t aesthetically-pleasing, users will run for the hills.

Your company’s logo is the ultimate piece to your brand. It’s the first impression that all site users will have when coming across your site.

More importantly, does the content you’re using have personality or style to it? Or is it no better than reading a definition out of a dictionary?

6. Intertwine Your SEO and Social Media Outlets

Both your SEO initiatives and your social media platforms are essential for building your brand. As such, they should complement each other nicely.

Your social media platforms should direct followers to your website, and vice versa. In doing so, you’re creating a gigantic, SEO-focused spiderweb for your brand image.

Now whether users come across your website, social media, or any other outlet, your brand will have a consistent image.

Integrate These Brand Building Tips Into Your SEO Today!

Now that you’ve seen several ways that SEO helps with your brand building goals, it’s time to put the pedal to the metal.

Be sure to read this article on crucial content marketing tips that you can incorporate with your SEO strategies as well.

For more inquiries, please feel out our online contact form and we’ll be happy to assist you further!


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