26 Jun ‘19


How to Utilize eLearning as a Small Business

26 Jun ‘19

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Is your company is expanding? Do you need to move towards achieving your goals? Currently, 98% of companies have plans to start using an e-learning solution by 2020.

Wondering what the fuss is all about?

Well, e-learning offers an alternative and flexible method of employee training and development. Small businesses can invest in their staff without worrying about budget constraints.

More so, marketing teams are often looking for new marketing tools. E-learning is the new kid on the block.

Here are some ways in which small businesses can use e-learning to improve employee performance

Employee Training

Digital media is growing by the day. This makes it possible for small business to get e-learning equipment. Companies can install learning management systems that help them save costs.

Face to face seminars, conferences, or classes is costly and inflexible. However, businesses can lower their employee training costs to less than $100 a year. The company only needs to set relevant learning paths in the system.

After this, you only need to get access to a course marketplace, and the Learning Management System will do the rest.

Customer Training

Small business can use e-learning for business growth. E-learning has become popular because this tool makes it possible to train customers about the products in a cost friendly way. In essence, e-learning offers a platform for sending out information about a new product.

It makes high-impact interactions that improve client retention. Clients can trust the brand more when they have a platform to share product information. Thus, a business can customize the portal to match its brand and customer needs for the best results.

e-Learning as a Marketing Tool

Advertising and marketing costs are some of the most costly areas for businesses. Online education is a new marketing tool. Small businesses can use it to grow sales without breaking the bank.

The main sales driver for an informed customer is low pricing. Custom e-learning solutions, such as product information training make it possible to empower customers.

Such courses combine data and creativity to pass product features and benefits. The marketing goal is met at the same time as customer training.

Partner Training

Small businesses need to engage all partners to ensure consistent growth. A customized e-learning platform is an effective tool for sales training. All stakeholders also need to be aware of the product range and have product information.

Having all sales partners on a single platform makes it possible to align all stakeholders to the company’s goals. Apart from sales training, an e-learning platform protects the brand. The reason is that it provides a single source of information that can be monitored.

Compliance and Business Certification

Training all users and administrators on compliance requirements is important. Small businesses need to ensure the business complies with industry requirements. Thus, training for certification and re-certification is made easier and cheaper.

E-learning systems are useful in setting reminders for compliance and certification deadlines. All employees can train and sit for their certification at a go. This goes a long way in reducing training and certification costs.

Improved Customer Support

Real-time customer support is possible since customers are engaged on one platform. E-learning provides consistent support to customer complains. The staff can answer their queries on time.

This keeps the customer base loyal by increasing customer satisfaction. It leaves a minimal chance of losing customers. Small businesses can leverage on this to improve customer service experience.

Good customer service is going to grow the customer base and increase sales over time.

Improving productivity

E-learning gives the learner freedom to study at their own pace. Employees are free to train at their convenience. Training does not affect their work like traditional training methods.

More to that, training can be done in a very short period. It is also based on the businesses needs. Thus, the return on investment is quick and noticeable.

When employees are equipped to handle their tasks, they are more productive.

e-Learning as a Motivation Tool

Employee training helps in meeting the professional goals of the employees. Being a flexible training tool, e-learning takes into consideration the employee’s schedule. Classes can be undertaken from any location.

This is more appealing to the staff. Their motivation result from career development. They can meet their career goals without disrupting their work schedule.

To Drive Forward the Environmental Friendly Agenda

E-learning eliminates paper-based training systems. The use of interactive video and web sharing tools eliminates the need for papers. Thus, the company’s carbon footprint is reduced.

The only paper that is necessary for business processes is used in the office. Also, customers are educated on environmental conservation. They want to be associated with businesses that strive for environmental sustainability.

The company will be meeting its corporate responsibility of lowering their environmental impact. E-learning is a great solution to achieve this.

Leveraging Online Education for Competitive Advantage

Small business in a competitive industry can use e-learning as a way of gaining competitive advantage. The capability of human resource is a  determining factor for business success. This is because businesses in the same industry tend to have similar hiring qualifications for their staff.

Thereby, polishing up your workforce through e-learning programs differentiates your business and your competitors. Thus, continuous capacity development through e-learning gives your business a competitive advantage.

Why Choose e-Learning?

Training your employees is easier than ever with e-learning because it is cost effective as there is no need for printed learning material. Moreover, it saves time because employees can update training material at the comfort of their working station

e-learning improves the productivity and performance of workers as they feel motivated. The use of internet in learning lowers environmental impact by shifting away from paper-based learning materials.

e-learning has become popular because it enables employees to gain more skills by using resources like machine learning and artificial intelligence to access customized content.

We are the best providers of quality custom learning materials created through interactive tools to facilitate the transfer of information.

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