Mobile App and Web Design and Development

Mobile app design is a fast-growing segment of the web design and marketing worlds, and there are plenty of reasons all sorts of businesses — from startups to large corporations — should embrace this trend. There are several types of mobile apps. One that you’re probably very familiar with is basically an app version of a website (the Facebook or Twitter apps are popular examples). These apps don’t replace mobile-friendly websites, but they have many of the same goals in that they allow users to access all the same features as your site more easily.

However, there are other types of apps you might consider, too. If you own an energy company, then an energy usage tracking app might be a solid marketing tool; if you own a gym, then a fitness app might be a better fit. The possibilities are limitless, and our talented team can help you come up with the one that will best address the needs of your market and then build and brand it for success.

If you’re looking for mobile app design and development Los Angeles offers a wealth of talent. But we believe that the combination of evidence-backed experience and willingness to experiment that makes Ripe what it is sets us apart from all the other agencies in town. We don’t just help you meet the minimum requirements of evolving technology. Instead, we embrace the newest technology and figure out how we can use it to give your customers the best possible mobile experience.

What should you be looking for in a mobile app design? User experience should, of course, be your top priority. But we also make sure to check off the other things you should require out of a good mobile app. That includes clean coding (which reduces glitches) and security features to make sure you’re being responsible with sensitive customer data.

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