Responsive Web Design and Development

Ever since Google announced at the end of February 2015 that compliance with its mobile usability standards would become a ranking signal, affecting results for all searches performed on mobile devices as of April 21, 2015, businesses have been scrambling to make their websites mobile friendly. If your business is among them, then you should make sure you’re choosing the best kind of mobile-friendly site to maximize your investment.

The best choice right now for mobile-friendly design is a responsive website. What this means is that instead of having a separate mobile website, the design is coded to recognize what kind of device is accessing it (smartphone, tablet or desktop) and then automatically reconfigure the site’s content so that it’s viewable with a minimal amount of clicking, panning or zooming. This means that your mobile site visitors will simply go to the same URL they always have to access your site, but will find they can access all your content at comfortably viewable sizes primarily by just scrolling up and down. This ensures that all site visitors get the best possible interface and creates a seamless experience across devices.

If you’re looking for responsive web design and development Los Angeles is a great place to start due to its overall high-tech and forward-thinking culture. But that doesn’t mean you can choose just any web marketing firm and expect to see results. Any web design firm can create a responsive site, perhaps, but only an experienced creative agency like Ripe can brand that site and help you boost conversions — turning site visitors into customers. Having a mobile-friendly site should now be considered a bare minimum requirement for businesses, but a wide range of marketing principles will determine how successful that mobile-friendly site is in reaching your customers and achieving your business goals.

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