4 Feb ‘16


Ripe Gets High Praise for Los Angeles Web Design

4 Feb ‘16

In: Business, Client Services, Los Angeles, Marketing, Web Design & Development, / By: Chris Simental

One of the things that takes some getting used to when you run your own business is the fact that there isn’t anyone above you to issue praise. Sure, I know the praise is supposed to “come from within” (blah blah blah). But the positive performance reviews and pats on the back are sorely missed when you’re the one running the show.

Something that does come close to that feeling, though, is receiving praise from our clients. Over the years we’ve amassed quite a few testimonials from clients and include some of them in our proposals and collateral. We’ve also had this longstanding plan to include a collection of them on our website, but for one reason or another we haven’t gotten around to doing that.

A few months ago, though, I stumbled upon something even better. It’s a service called and they seemed eager to get our company listed in their directory and even obtain customer reviews on our behalf. And all for free!? I was highly suspicious but proceeded through the sign-up process, knowing full well I’d bale at the first sign of any “now just enter your credit card info and you’ll be all set” business. That never happened, though. I didn’t even receive the slightest up-sell. Instead, Clutch did something quite amazing: They actually followed through with their promise and even contacted me personally to let me know how the process was going.

A few weeks later our reviews started coming in. And they weren’t just simple, generic statements of satisfaction. They were full-blown case studies. What’s unique about the reviews is that Clutch actually reached out and interviewed our clients over the phone or via email. This allowed our clients to give unbiased feedback about their experience working with us. While this feat might make some business owners nervous, we welcomed the unbiased reviews and found them to be a great way to truly know how we’re doing. We want to constantly evaluate and improve our services, and these interviews help us to do that. As of right now, we have a 4.9/5.0 star review, so Ripe is feeling pretty confident about meeting our clients’ needs.

We love our Clutch profile. From a thorough summary of our services, to detailed charts showing prospective clients which industries we serve, to a list of some of our biggest clients, visitors to our profile (and potential clients) get a great idea as to what it’s like to work with Ripe. We’ve already started receiving inquiries from several potential clients who found us there.

We’re looking forward to more Clutch-y-ness in the years to come. Oh, and, yeah, Clutch does offer a paid service, but now that we’ve seen the value of what they provide we’re much more likely to consider paying to gain even more exposure.

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