29 Sep ‘20


SEO vs PPC: A Comparative Guide

29 Sep ‘20

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seo vs ppc

Over 30% of people click on the first link they see in a Google search. 

This is why SEO and PPC are so important in business. Either one of them can help you generate more clicks and more customers. 

But when it comes down to it, SEO vs PPC, which one is better for your business? Which one will generate more clicks and profit for your business? Which one will be more cost-effective for your business? 

This guide can give you all the answers when it comes to comparing SEO and PPC. 

What Is SEO? 

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It’s a way of creating content that is optimized for searches. That way, when people search for something on Google, your business site will appear in the first few pages, ideally on the first search page. 

To reach that point on a Google search, you first need to learn about SEO best practices. 

First, you need to know what keywords to include in your blog and video content. You want to use keywords that your target market is using to search for things. When you strategically use these keywords in your content, Google’s algorithm will rank your site higher. 

In addition to keywords, you should also know how to write quality content. Google’s algorithm also favors quality content over cookie-cutter content that is similar to your competitors. 

Another part of SEO you need to know for your business is backlinking. When you write content on your blog or throughout your site, you should backlink it to sections of your website. It makes your website easier to navigate. 

Finally, you need to ensure that your website is mobile-friendly. This ensures that your target audience can easily view and read the content of your site on your mobile device. 

You can learn more about how to make your website more mobile-friendly by checking out this blog article

What Can SEO Do for My Business? 

Now that you have a basic understanding of SEO, you should also know what an SEO optimized site can do for your business. 

For starters, an SEO optimized site can help bring in more organic traffic. That means you are not paying for ads to bring in your target market, they are finding your site naturally. 

As a result of more traffic from your SEO optimized site, you will also have more leads and more conversions. 

In addition, when you write more quality content, you are helping build your business brand. You are showing people the quality of your brand and what kind of content you are producing. 

It ultimately leads to a better user experience. 

However, it’s important to remember that SEO also takes time. It takes time to create content for the user. It takes time to rank in keywords. 

But when you do create a lot of SEO optimized content, it will eventually pay off with lots of traffic. 

What Is PPC? 

PPC stands for pay per click. That means you are paying whenever someone clicks on your ad that is visible on top of the Google search page. 

When it compares to SEO, PPC is buying clicks instead of finding them organically with your content. If you want to generate a number of clicks for a particular keyword, then you will have to see how much it costs for a particular keyword. 

It could cost you $10, $50, or more depending on how competitive the keyword is and much you want to pay for people to see it. 

You can also set up A/B tests and see what works for your PPC campaigns. 

What Can PPC Do for My Business? 

One of the benefits of PPC, when it compares to SEO, is that you can get instant results. You don’t have to wait months for someone to see your content. You can strategically have PPC campaigns set up for people to see immediately. 

Another benefit of PPC is that you can target specific people. With SEO, you don’t know what kind of target market you’re getting. It’s much broader. 

With PPC, you can choose demographics, gender, and more. You also only have to pay for PPC when someone clicks. You aren’t paying to simply show your ads as you would on Facebook or other social media sites. 

What’s the Better Choice? 

SEO and PPC are both great options when it comes to generating traffic for your website. 

SEO can be a great way to build up your website and your brand by being SEO friendly. PPC is a great option if you want instant traffic, but also have to willing to pay for this traffic. 

Ultimately, you have to decide how long you want to wait before your business generates more traffic. If you have a budget and want to spend on advertising, PPC can be a great way to begin while you slowly build your SEO content.

Now You Know Everything There Is to Know About SEO vs PPC

SEO vs PPC is not about which one is better but rather which one you need right now. Both are great options that can help your business immediately and in the future. 

Whatever option you do choose, it’s important to remember to know who your target market is because that will help you choose keywords that are relevant for business. It will help you create SEO content and a PPC campaign that is catered to the target market. 

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