12 Apr ‘20


Social Media Hype: 5 Huge Social Media Marketing Trends in 2020

12 Apr ‘20

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social media hype

Are you looking to get in on the latest social media hype for 2020?

Social media is one of the best platforms to promote your business and brand today. It’s where everyone is right now and where you want your brand name echoing through. 

Remember, as we advance in tech, so does business and marketing. Right now, social media marketing is one of the biggest digital marketing platforms.

In this guide, we’ll tell you about five of the biggest social media marketing trends for your 2020 marketing strategy.

1. Let User-Generated Content Help Your Business

Let’s start our list with user-generated content or UGC. In essence, UGC is content created by your consumers and client base. It’s a marketing tactic where you leave everything that needs to get said to your consumers.

There’s a difference between UGC and influencer marketing. In influencer marketing, you hire an influencer to talk about your brand. UGC doesn’t rely on people with large followings and can come from anybody.

The power of word of mouth makes a large impact on your business. It’s also how businesses before social media and modern media grew and became famous. In a sense, UGC is a modern form of word-of-mouth marketing.

Since UGC comes from your customers, it’s rich with recommendations and references. New and potential customers get their information from other consumers, not from the brand. It’s why 85% of users get influenced more by visual UGC than brand-generated photos. 

Encourage customers to create content about your brand or products. Try offering incentives, discounts, and/or freebies. You can also hold contests or create challenges that have a chance to go viral.

2. Apply More Video Marketing 

Right now, video production is the king of content. It’s such a huge trend that we upload upwards of 300 hours of video to YouTube every minute. If you want to make a website more popular, start by creating video content for it.

The great thing about most social media platforms is they allow video uploads and shares. This means even if your audience doesn’t visit your website, they can still view your videos. Allow them to share, repost, and comment on them as well.

The thing about creating videos for social media advertising is to use professional quality. This is important if all your competition is already ahead of you in video marketing. You don’t want to catch up with clips that look like they got shot and edited by amateurs. 

While it can be a great way to stand out, it may not always be share-worthy on social media. 

One way to get past this obstacle is to get a marketing team that specializes in video production to help you out. You can get help from marketing agencies that have professional equipment and editing.

3. Get Into the Social Media Hype of Shoppable Posts

Online shopping is a trend everybody’s been on for a while now. However, online shopping from social media is still a novelty today. When you’re on social media, your audiences are your biggest and most likely customers at the same time.

Thus, it’s only a smart move to create posts of your products that bring them right to the product pages. Your customers don’t have to log into your shopping site and look for the item again. Instead, they can do all the buying right on their social media apps. 

They only need to hover over or tap on a Shop Now button. Some apps even let them place items in a shopping cart to check everything out later when they’re done browsing. Depending on the social media platform, you may have to post a link first rather than use a Shop Now button.

This trend is the most useful for and already most-used by retail stores. It’s also effective for creators who focus on their passions before their business. The most typical items you see on shoppable posts are makeup, clothing, cars, and home products.

4. Globalization Is Out, Localization Is In

Another thing about social media marketing 2020 has to offer is to go to the local market. Today, it’s common to launch a startup business. Yet, very few make it big and have the chance to last over 10 years.

A reason is that owners of startups often begin by reaching for a worldwide audience. The wiser decision is to create a following and a name in the locale first. In business, you often have to start small—including starting with a small audience and a short reach.

Another reason to start localizing is to use local SEO.  Thanks to Google My Business, your barriers for new potential customers get reduced. It’s one way to get more people to know more about your brand and increase your customer base.

5. Use Ephemeral Stories for Marketing 

There’s nothing that says social media hype quite like the Stories.

The now popular Stories social media feature originated from Snapchat. A lot of people thought this visual and short-lived newsfeed type of feature was only a fad. Little did they know, it’d become one of the fastest-growing social media trends of the last decade.

As we said, a Story is ephemeral and often very visual. You can post a photo or a short clip on Facebook My Day, Instagram Story, and such. The typical length of time it’s visible to the world and the internet is 24 hours.

After that time, it disappears, and it may even get archived. Marketers saw that their newest generation of clients had the Fear of Missing Out or FOMO. Thus, they capitalized on this, and it’s the reason for the ephemeral trait of Stories.

While it began as a Millennial fad, people of the somewhat older generations also began to get in on the craze. Now, it’s a major driving factor in social media marketing. Facebook’s surveys show more than 1 in 3 people became more interested in a brand or product after seeing it in Instagram Stories.

Reach More Audiences on Social Media

For businesses, following the social media hype may take some trial and error first. If you want to avoid wasted time and effort, talk to a marketing agency. They can help you choose the best approach to the various social media marketing trends.

That’s it for our guide on the 5 biggest trends in social media marketing for 2020. If you enjoyed reading on these trends, check out our blog for more. If you have questions about digital marketing, feel free to talk to us anytime.

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