27 Jul ‘19


Spread Your Message: Why Video Marketing Is an Essential Strategy in 2019

27 Jul ‘19

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Did you know that videos are the most shared content on the internet?

After all, compared to images and text, videos get shared 1200% more. That’s why videos are more popular no matter what social media platform you’re in.

Given the popularity of videos, it’s easy to see why this is the way to go if a business wants to expand its reach. It’s an efficient means to convey your brand’s story and connect with your customers.

But this is only the beginning. There are other benefits to reap from video marketing.

Are you ready to learn how video content helps your business? Read on and find out more today.

Video Marketing Benefits

Businesses should always continue evolving or they end up dying out. With the recent statistics, it’s predicted that about 80% of all online content will be video marketing. It’s also worth noting that people watching video content on their mobile devices doubles each year.

Here are more reasons to start investing in video content:

1. Boosts Conversions and Sales

This is one of the most important reasons for you to start using videos for your marketing strategies. Studies prove that adding product videos on your website’s landing page can increase conversions by up to 80%. It doesn’t matter what category you use it for—videos will often work well, as long as they’re high-quality.

Another benefit of videos is that it can help lead directly to sales. Having an explainer video can increase the chances of selling your product. It happens due to your audience becoming more invested as they start understanding your product more.

These benefits aren’t surprising since our eyesight is our dominant sense. The majority of the information your brain receives is visual. That’s why it’s not enough to use pictures for engagement—videos are the way to the future.

2. Gives Great ROI

It’s no secret now that videos give a good return on investment. Video production isn’t the easiest or cheapest marketing strategy, but its payouts are huge, making it worth your while. Also, they’re becoming more affordable since video editing tools are improving.

Always remember that it’s the content that matters more. Most people get turned off when videos don’t make a clear explanation of the product or service. The quality and design didn’t matter as much, that’s why you shouldn’t focus too much on quality.

3. Builds Trust

When you’re trying to build conversions and sales, you need to use trust as your foundation. It should be one of your business goals since the entire concept of content marketing uses it at its core. That way, you’ll have the means of making long-term relationships that work with your potential clients.

Stop driving a hard bargain and let the people approach you by giving them useful and interesting content. The most efficient way to do this is to use video content. Use promotional videos to clear all skepticism most people have when interacting with online content.

Use these marketing videos as a way to present your product more conversationally. It helps make a sense of individual approach. With these videos, your possible consumers will get the confidence and assurance they need to make that purchase.

4. Favors Google’s Algorithm

Using videos will make your visitors stay longer on your site. With a longer exposure, you build trust and tell search engines that your content is good. You’re more likely to show up on the first page of Google if you have videos embedded on your webpages.

Google owns YouTube, meaning videos can affect your search engine rank in more ways. That’s why you need to use SEO methods to optimize your video content. Use interesting titles and write detailed descriptions.

To make the most out of your video SEO efforts, link your website as well as your products and services. Always open up more avenues for your customers to go to the next step. If you want to encourage their actions, try using interactive videos instead.

5. Appeals to Mobile Users

Smartphone users also develop a sense of personal connection to your brand faster than both TV and desktop computer viewers. With this, you need to ensure that your brand needs to give a more personalized experience to smartphone users. For instance, you can enable them to choose the videos they can watch.

Another benefit is that people share videos on social media. You do need effective social media marketing strategies to take advantage of this but if you put in the effort, consumers can help increase brand awareness.

6. Can Explain Everything

Almost everyone will try watching an explainer video as a means of learning your products and services. That’s why you need to make videos that show how your business works. It’s crucial to do this when you’re trying to launch a new product or service.

If you’re trying to communicate complex concepts, you can try using animated videos. It helps explain these concepts much better than text and live videos. Remember, you need to ensure that your animated videos are entertaining while maintaining nostalgia and simplicity for it to work.

7. Engages Even the Laziest Buyers

Modern customers like seeing products or services in action. That’s why most consumers prefer videos to know how your business operates. People don’t have time anymore to read your product descriptions since everyone is too busy.

With videos, you can capture a wider audience without worrying about their aptitude. Make sure that the audio and the visuals are captivating to keep people attentive. With this, even a lazy audience can become motivated to try out your business.

Use Video Content Today!

Video marketing is the way of the future. It isn’t a luxury anymore, so it’s time to start investing in video content. Get people’s attention, encourage them to share the videos, and strike a balance between entertaining and educating consumers about what you do and offer.

Does it still sound a bit too complex? If you aren’t sure how to start, contact us today and tell us about your project.

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