11 Apr ‘19


Staying In Vogue: The Top Digital Marketing Trends of 2019

11 Apr ‘19

In: Marketing, / By: Chris Simental

digital marketing trends

Over 76% of individuals unanimously agree that marketing has changed more over the past two years than in the last fifty.

This is attributed to more people on the internet. It’s also the draw for more personalized online experience and higher rate of customer service. Not to mention the ability for online engagement to truly drive sales.

Modern marketing has shifted to be more about attracting customers than ever before.

With SEO, social media, advertising, and means of engaging customers through clicks and/or specific acquisition techniques, keeping up with digital marketing trends can be the turning point for your company’s success.

From learning about channeling your marketing efforts, to incorporating automated services and artificial intelligence, here are the top digital trends of 2019.

1. Artificial Intelligence

Probably one of the most common digital marketing trends is using artificial intelligence (AI). Currently 15% of all enterprises are using it, and this number is expected to increase by 31% over the next year.

AI is able to analyze consumer data, including search/purchase patterns, to understand how and when users engage with posts, products, and services. AI can also create virtual conversations, like Chatbots (more on this below) to help engage with customers directly.

This creates a more engaging user experience, which helps to increase site time and sales.

2. Chatbots

A component of AI, Chatbots are virtual messaging centers that allow customers to engage with your page(s) on their own terms.

This not only saves you money in comparison to a customer support person (in terms of staffing/hours), but responses can be almost immediate. Customers can ask basic questions and get relevant answers, which helps with use of time, too.

3. Video Marketing

Over 73% of Americans are using YouTube. This means that over half of the country is engaging with video content in some way.

For business owners and companies, understanding this is key for customer engagement and advertising.

Video marketing offers a deeper quality (and sometimes even higher quality) advertising than other means. For example, with a video you can not only talk about your business, but give a personal experience or ‘behind-the-scenes’ feel.

In recent years, video marketing has improved tremendously in terms of metrics, too. Now it’s easier for companies to track performance data to discover what’s working or what’s not. Platforms like Facebook, for example, even have these metrics built into the site itself.

As a completely separate, yet extremely relevant component of video marketing, live videos are also on the rise. Live video provides a raw, unedited feel that engages users. This is especially seen with influencer marketing, as people can engage with the person on the video in real time.

4. Voice Activation/Interaction

Voice interaction is growing, especially with ‘smart’ devices like Alexa and Siri.

As a hassle-free means of conducting searches and communicating, voice interaction has become a top digital marketing trend solely based on convenience.

Companies have now moved towards allowing more voice searches on their website(s) to keep up with search trends, as well as incorporating voice-compatible services to make their pages more user-friendly.

5. Personalized Email Marketing

The desire for personalized services is only increasing. Consumers are often looking for specific ways a company’s products and services can help them. That’s why personalized email works so well.

Personalized email marketing involves curtailing content to fit the specific consumer. This comes from using automation the right way, while adding a personal touch to build a connection.

6. Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is an effective ‘word-of-mouth’ means of advertising to consumers by consumers.

Companies that use influencers for advertising tap into that influencer audience to attract a certain type of consumer. This has become an often highly authentic means of advertising as influencers hold credibility based on their social media followings and/or online presence.

7. Social Messaging Apps & ‘Stories’

‘Stories’ are essentially video content re-purposed in a new, engaging way. Like all video content, social media ‘stories’ can engage users by giving a ‘behind-the-scenes’ feel. Companies can also use stories for advertising, and for companies with higher followings, they can create a ‘swipe up’ link that brings customers directly to sale pages.

These social media sites also offer direct messaging services. This is another instantaneous ways for consumers to interact not only with one another, but with companies directly.

8. Visual Content/Searches

Visual content will always have priority, especially when it comes to advertising and web design.

With sites like Pinterest and Instagram, for example, consumers already put a high priority on the visual. This will only continue to drive searches in the future. A visual search is not only easier, but more convenient than reading text.

In terms of how visual content shifts your company, it’s important to find ways to visually improve your website. One way to do this (outside of video content) would be to find cheap royalty free images for your website. This can create a visual element that sets your site(s) apart.

What You Need to Know About Digital Marketing Trends

The focus of 2019 will be about creating a more personalized, yet automated approach to customer experience.

It’s important, then, for companies and businesses to focus on getting ahead of current marketing channels and learn ways to engage more deeply with consumers.

With priority and preference given to video content, AI (for convenience) and voice, learning to use these strategies and others to attract your target audience will inevitably drive engagement and sales.

To learn more about digital marketing trends, and to keep up on the top web design ideas of this year, click here.

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