10 May ‘18


United State of Women Summit – A Ripe Recap

10 May ‘18

In: Branding & Visual Design, Case Study, Inspiration, Los Angeles, Marketing, / By: Heather Richman

Ripe Media was honored to be one of the exhibitors at this year’s USOWS in Los Angeles. It was equally humbling and invigorating to be among the most bold, innovative leaders in the nation and beyond.

When first hearing about the event, I was attracted to their website, scheduled speakers, workshops and the reasonable price to attend. From talking with other attendees these were also key factors in their attendance. People often say they make their decisions about an organization based solely on the website — whether they’re applying for a job, making a donation, purchasing a product, contacting the company or in this case paying money to attend an event.

Making a purchase or financial investment is 85% emotional. And being perceived with credibility is paramount for the emotion to be positive and elicit engagement. The below website convinced me to engage and eventually to register  — evidence of a thoughtful nonprofit branding strategy and execution at play.

After attending, my overall assessment is that the Summit is an amazing event that is both personally and professionally essential. I highly encourage nonprofits, woman owned businesses and social enterprises or entrepreneurs to attend — really anyone including men, this is a truly intersectional gathering of go-getters and thought leaders.  If I spoke with you at Ripe Media’s table in The Center exhibit hall please contact me to continue the conversation or at (323)882-6874 x701.

An impressive list of sponsors:

An amazing list of speakers
See the Summit speakers here: Day one was capped off with a much anticipated interview with Michelle Obama.

Some photos from the day. Check me out hanging with Major Eric Garcetti!! I heard he gave a resounding speech and he was so personable with me. Thanks Mayor. 🙂


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