1 Mar ‘19


Where to Find Cheap Royalty Free Images for Your Website

1 Mar ‘19

In: Branding & Visual Design, / By: Chris Simental

cheap, royalty free images

A picture says a thousand words. That’s true, especially on the world wide web. If your website isn’t pretty, two-thirds of your visitors may simply take their leave.

That’s not good for business. Place the right images on your website to speak to your audience. And to keep them.

But, using one wrong image can get you into big trouble. I’m talking about using someone else’s images without permission or paying for them.

It’s illegal. So, what happens if you do? It depends on the situation and the artist in question.

You may only need to remove them. Or, you could find yourself in court. If that happens, you may pay a fine or go to jail.

So, the risks are not exactly worth the reward.

Especially since you have legal options that work just as well. Use cheap, royalty free images, instead.

What’s Royalty Free, Anyway?

It’s one type of image license you might encounter. It means you have permission from the creator to use the image. As many times as you want.

It does not mean it was or is free to use, though. You may have to pay for the license, first. And, you might need to credit the artist on your website, too.

Everything you need to know will be in the image’s license. Read it before you download. To stay compliant, you need to do what the license requests.

But, royalty free is only one type of image license. You need to understand them all to stay on the right side of the law.

Types of Image Licenses

Here are the most common image licenses you’ll run into. Don’t use an image on your website without understanding the licensing, first.

Public Domain Images

This is how artists release their images to the public to use as they please. Use public domain images in whatever way you see fit without credit to the artist. These images are free of charge, too.

Creative Commons

These images come with a range of licensing requirements. You may have to pay for them or they may be free. But, you’ll need to follow the instructions for the image’s license.

Some include giving credit to the original artist. Or, you may not get permission to alter the image from its original design. The rules are in the license, so read it before you buy or download.

Royalty-Free Images

Purchasing this image gives you all rights to it. You pay once and you use the image as much as you like.

Rights-Managed Images

These are pay per use images. You buy the number of licenses you plan to use. You can buy more, as needed.

Cheap, Royalty Free Images: Where to Find Them!

The best way to make sure you’re legal is to use royalty free images. So, where do you find them? You’d be surprised at how many sites offer them!

Many add new photos every day. Most make you register to download.

Ranging from a small fee to free, you’ll find amazing royalty free images to add to your website on these sites.

1. Pixabay

There are both royalty free images and videos at Pixabay. Find a variety of illustrations, vectors, and photographs for free. There are more than a million to choose from!

2. Unsplash

Unsplash has creative commons photos that grant you a very free-ranging license. No permission needed and use them as you like. The images are beautiful and free.

All you need to do is type your search request in the box. See what comes up!

3. Gratisography

Looking for something a little different? Gratisography might have the image for you. They grant you the freedom to work with these images as you like, for personal or commercial use.

But, as the license states, do your research when in doubt.

4. Negative Space

Negative Space stocks images under the creative commons zero license. They’re free and you can use them in any way that you like!

Images get sorted by category. Sign up to get weekly images delivered to your inbox!

5. Free Nature Stock

Looking for nature photos only? This is the site for you.

Free Nature Stock features only nature photos. These images are completely royalty free. They’re released under a creative commons zero license.

They add a new photo each day.

6. Life of Pix

This is high-resolution photography at the right price: free. Life of Pix is a public domain collection. There are no restrictions on their images.

One unique feature sets them apart. They feature a new artist’s work on the front page each week.

7. Death to Stock Photo

More like a service, Death to Stock Photo emails you 20 new photos each month. Sign up and start collecting for free! Or, check out their memberships for more options.

You can use their photos as you please. Read their license for more details.

8. Your Own Photography

It’s worth mentioning that your own photography and graphics can work, too. Brush up on your skills. See if you can create an internet worthy piece of art!

This doesn’t mean any ole photo from your iPhone is good for your website. That’s not a good idea for your business. Use only the best images to market your brand.

I’d only recommend this if you have an interest and talent in photography or graphic design. You may have an untapped skill. In that case, use it!

Learn to use editing apps and practice to develop your talent first. Then, post away!

Don’t Risk It: Use Royalty Free Images!

It’s not worth it to use an image that doesn’t belong to you. Not to mention, it’s just plain wrong.

Don’t risk it. There are plenty of cheap, royalty free images to choose from. Find what you need and use it, risk-free!

Looking for a design and marketing agency to help you promote your business? We can help. Contact us, today!

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