5 Oct ‘19


Will the Benefits of Artificial Intelligence Reach SEO?

5 Oct ‘19

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The impact of artificial intelligence on the internet is increasing rapidly. As a marketing director or business professional, you may already be aware of the unique and impactful benefits of artificial intelligence (AI). The prime question of the future is: How will AI change the dynamics of SEO (if at all)?

This informational guide provides details of the ongoing impact AI has on SEO. This guide will also provide what you need to do to think originally—or at least outside the box—in your marketing or internet usage. The guide will impart detailed AI knowledge about what you need to look for if you want AI to help with SEO outreach.

Artificial Intelligence

Strategic changes are coming to the world of marketing. These changes revolve around revolutionary AI technologies and abilities. Many companies and people are already using AI abilities with their content marketing and social media branding.


Google started using machine-learning AI in 2016. Its machine-learning AI system is called RankBrainRankBrain sorts search results for the ranking system.

The machine-learning Google uses is provided through a computer that teaches itself how to do something. Humans do not interface with this process nor is there any detailed programming needed. The result of the machine-learning is called artificial intelligence.

When Google uses AI, it is using a system that is as smart as a human being. Since AI is the result of machine-learning they are used interchangeably by Google. RankBrain’s AI system is used as part of Google’s overall search algorithm.

Google’s Algorithm

It is Google’s algorithm which sorts through the billions of pages it knows. The algorithm finds the page most pertinent and relevant to the search queries. In 2013, Google also started using Hummingbird’s search algorithm too.

RankBrain is part of Hummingbird’s overall search algorithm. Hummingbird has many parts that help make its segment for Google’s algorithm have maximum SEO impact. Hummingbird is not an algorithm system that works alone.

There is also Penguin, Panda, Payday, and more.

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence

AI makes SEO tasks easier. The benefits of using AI helps you understand and know your audience. As your audience looks for solutions your business goal is to make your content more accessible and readable for them.

How AI makes you more accessible and readable to customer searches?

  1. By your use of keywords throughout your content
  2. Your descriptive headings that readers can find and follow
  3. Small, relevant, bite-sized sentences
  4. Visuals

The AI data points you get from this allow you to guide your audience with specific products or services they want and need. You are easily solving your audience’s issues or concerns.

AI Personalized Message Benefits

AI’s ability to give you predictive analysis helps you understand user preferences. Once you receive those preferences, you can easily follow AI’s recommendations. You can also come up with your recommendations based on the AI data.

A good example of AI predictive analysis recommendations is through the company Netflix. Netflix uses AI to send customers personalized messages and trailers for new shows and movies.

AI Streamlined Marketing and Cost Savings

Business Insider and other academic papers which were written by business leaders project by 2020 80% of customer interactions will happen without humans. The 2020 projection is backed by a survey given to 800 CEO and Marketing Directors in various countries.

80% of the CEO’s and Marketing Director stated AI emerging technology is already in use. The CEOs and Marketing Directors also use chatbots. Chatbots are known to be interactive software that lives online in apps, live interactions, email, and SMS.

The deep learning capabilities in AI helps identify user behavior. AI’s user identification predicts specific details about who will or can become a customer. The customer conversion information allows companies to target their efforts on detailed demographics.

There is a significant reduction in wasted time and effort in their marketing departments.

AI Benefits for Product Responsiveness and Personalization

Over 50% of web traffic comes from mobile devices. Company information on their products and services needs to be sent to their audience almost immediately through mobile devices or any other technology application. Companies need to be responsive and personalized.

AI allows companies to identify data on potential customers that includes, but is not limited to:

  • Demographics regarding customer purchases
  • Customer location
  • Customer’s purchase history, and more

Google and all search engines look at user behavior. AI helps you with understanding the fundamentals of SEO. AI provides the fundamentals to you by doing keyword research, helping you gauge great content, and getting you the links you need to help your rank.

AI Impact and User Behavior

SEO marketers are continually trying to find out the impact of RankBrain and the segments RankBrain utilizes. The SEO marketers collect data in common keywords and phrases that predominate titles. The SEO marketers look at the source of the links for the top-ranking search pages.

The SEO marketers will even research the age of the performance webpage, which has the best results. Google uses more than 200 major ranking signals that evaluate user behavior. The 200 major ranking signals can have an untold number of variations or sub-signals.

Google and all search engines live by the creed of content being king. AI’s role is making sure your algorithms give a weighted value in determining your web page’s best impact. If you focus on giving your audience the best information and content experience, you have provided your audience with a focus matched need.

Using AI for Your SEO Needs

You now know the benefits of artificial intelligence factors and how they influence SEO. AI is an emerging vertical that represents the new way forward. Consumer behavior will drive search engine innovations as long as consumers are buying anything.

You can keep doing your basic SEO, and you may get some fair results. The use of advanced SEO techniques or AI is the wave of the future. The advancements being made through software programs are helping businesses understand and even target consumer behavior.

The choice is yours. If you have questions or want more information about how you can reap AI benefits for your SEO needs, reach out to us anytime. We are waiting to bring the future of SEO to you.


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