Fantasy Coaching Staff

Mobile Fantasy Football App

Fantasy Coaching Staff allows you to ask questions about your specific fantasy sports team(s).

  1. Choose a sport
  2. In the coach directory, you can pick an expert coach or you can ask a question to one of our first available experts. If you’d like to select a specific coach, you can see more information about them & their likely “office hours.”
  3. You can send a text message to any coach, whether or not he/she is online (indicated by a green dot). However, to initiate a live chat or call, the coach needs to be online.If the coach is online, but engaged with another customer – you can elect to add yourself to his/her waitlist. Or, you may go back and find a different coach or reach out to the first available expert if the matter is pressing.
  4. You can always continue a text string, chat or phone call if you need more time. You’ll need to have enough of a “balance” in your account in order to initiate and continue a session.