Sales Training Tools that Deliver

Ripe has been a partner of Toyota’s for decades beginning in the late 90’s with the very first version of their groundbreaking program eShowroom. Since then we’ve developed hours and hours of internal training, interactive courseware, and custom eLearning design along with just-in-time sales tools and collateral.

From 360° car modules, to walkaround challenges, to apps, to in person T3 training, product comparisons, video development, instructional design, LMS/CMS/CRM integrations, microsites, knowledge databases, scripting, asset creation, custom programming, theme development/ideation, marketing, analytics & tracking, interactive development, assessments, and more.

Ripe is a uniquely valuable eLearning partner in the automotive training space — with deep, historical knowledge as well as cutting-edge, technical expertise. As a result, Toyota is able to capitalize on their training investment with improved efficiencies, product quality and increased sales.

“Ripe Media has become our top choice for interactive and web development programs. Their unique combination of intelligent creative design, consultative development process and on-point, on-target program management makes them a stand-up, stand-out player in a highly competitive marketplace. ”